Superheroes, we now stand upon the precipice of the token launch for ObeyComix! Soon $OBEY will be available to purchase from PancakeSwap and the era of adult comics on the blockchain will truly begin.

To the uninitiated, here’s a quick re-cap to get you up to speed on ObeyComix-

About ObeyComix and its utility token $OBEY. | by ObeyComix | May, 2021 | Medium

Here at ObeyComix we would firstly like to introduce ourselves to the adult content token market. Hiya! Secondly, we believe you can get so much more done when you work as a team. If the Justice League could do it, why can’t the adult content tokens market? …

At ObeyComix we understand obedie-…loyalty is everything, and that’s why we reward it. For Phase 1 of the rewards program we announced that the first 50 that joined our Telegram group were to be given unlimited and indefinite access to the ObeyComix gallery regardless of whether they held $OBEY tokens or not. Safe to say…this phase proved very popular and our Telegram channel got filled with members very quickly!

Unsure what $OBEY tokens will do? See our previous Medium article…About ObeyComix and its utility token $OBEY. | by ObeyComix | May, 2021 | Medium

What’s the #top50obeywhale program about?

Now it’s time to get hyped…

What is ObeyComix?

A one-stop-shop for the debaucherous, the degenerates and the depraved. An erotica gallery with no ads, no pop ups and certainly no clunky UX/UI designs. A project that you, the investor, can own a stake in by purchasing $OBEY, ObeyComix’s utlity token. It’s how we will keep the site ad-free and it’s how as a community we will be able to build out the project into a flourishing and profitable erotica website with a crypto fusion blend.

$OBEY — ObeyComix’s utility token.

Access to the ObeyComix gallery is as simple as holding the BEP-20 $OBEY tokens in your wallet. The amount held will correspond with…


A degenerate community in oh so many ways…

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